Hello! My name is Abel. I’m a student from Costa Rica and I’m going to tell you why English is so important. Well, English opens doors for a bunch of opportunities. For example, you can start improving your professional career by speaking a second language. Actually, in the work environment, it’s almost mandatory to speak English. It’s also important because you can learn in a new way. For example, you can start reading a new book, you can watch videos and movies in its original audio. You can talk with everyone who speaks English in the world and learning everything you want to learn because there’s a lot of information available in English that it is not probably available in your mother language.

What I like about Talk & Go is that it’s a very practical method so you can learn from wherever you are. You just need internet connection and your phone and the teachers are always willing to help you with whatever are your questions, no matter what. They are also native speakers so you’re learning from an expert.

Abel V., Estudiante de Mercadeo - Costa Rica
Hello! My name is Lina Marcela. I am from Colombia. I am a student.

English is necessary and important because I can have more opportunities in my life, I can find a good job, and I can learn about new cultures.

I like the native English coaches because they are very friendly and they help me with pronunciation, new vocabulary, and every day I can learn more things.

From my experience, I can say Talk & Go has the best coaches. It’s a great opportunity to learn English.

Marcela G., University Student - Colombia
Hey! I’m Valentina. I’m 12 years old and I’m from Costa Rica. I like Talk & Go because of the pronunciation of the teachers and the activities are very, very fun.

I went to other academies and the truth, they were very slow and I didnt’ feel there was any progress.

Because learning English with Talk and Go is amazing, I recommend it to my family and friends.

Valentina Ch., High School Student - Costa Rica
Hello! My name’s Flory. I’m from Costa Rica. I work in a textile company and I’m married and have one son.

I’m studying English because I think it’s important to learn other languages and I like it very much. I like Talk & Go because it’s convenient for me and I can do the activities at any moment.

Flory A. , Administrative Accountant - Costa Rica

My name is Francine. I am from Costa Rica but I live in North Carolina. I have a husband, two children, and three grandchildren. 
I need to speak English every day for work and it is very important. 

I like studying English with Talk & Go because it is flexible. I can practice every day with my coaches. They are nice, patient, and they help me with my pronunciation.

I recommend this English program because it can help you learn to speak to others.

Francine, Costa Rica